The installation of Horizontal Chicken Nipple is very easy, all you'll need for installing the watering nipple is an 11/32" drill bit. The nipple assembly screws right into your container, so additional tools will NOT be needed. The chicken nipple will come to you already assembled! 

  1. Drill a hole a few inches up from the bottom of your preferred bucket, a minimum of six inches apart from one another.
  2. Screw the threaded chicken nipple directly into the hole. Screw in the threaded chicken nipple so that when you are finished the nipple tray is in the 6 o'clock position.
  3. All done!

Note: We recommends screwing the nipples in only 80% of the way. The flange does not need to be secured flush with the bucket.

We suggest 1 nipple per every 4 chickens, the poultry water feeder works perfectly for chickens aged 2 weeks and older. The nipple need a low-pressure water source. If connecting to household water lines, a pressure regulator must be used.

The poultry should be reaching up so there is less wasted water as they don't have to twist their neck to drink. Placing the container up on cinder blocks will get it to a good working height.

The exploded view may help you to understand how it works. In the resting position the black o-ring (on the far right) seals the poultry nipple. Poultry pushes on spring loaded rod far enough to let water flow out. 

To train your chickens on horizontal chicken nipple, we suggest tapping on each nipple so that water fills the reservoir. Chickens will note the water and get the idea, pecking at the stainless steel pin which will release more water.  It may take a day or so of several attempts for them to fully understand. (It may also help to put sweet jam or jelly onto the nipples, to encourage pecking!) It is very important to take all other water sources out during this time.